All you need for traditional fermentation of vegetables

Would you like to make kefir, water kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and other fermented vegetables at home? Hier you can order buy online best quality accessorie like  fermentation jars, glas weights, wooden tamper and much more!
If you already make kefir, kombucha & yoghurt at home you know about taste and quality of homemade ferments. Fermented foodstuff is really FOODSTUFF and no ultraheat treated, chemically preserved filler. Many years ago fermentation was a matter of course to preserve good, home-made foodstuff. Today people regretably only know sauerkraut as fermented vegetable. Although fermentation ist much more. You can almost ferment every foodstuff. Our aim is to enable you to ferment vegetables at home and benefit from its benefits. Besides our recipes blog we provide lots of accessory to make your own ferment at home. Please have a look at our accessories assortment and get inspired. You will discover high quality Mason Jars, vegetable tamper, glas weights, lids and much more.
500g Rock Salt for fermenting vegetables
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Water test | Water analysis set BASIS - The affordable water quality check
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