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" The time you don't take for your healty, you anytime have to take for your disease!"

(old Chinese saying)

Welcome to my online healthcare site!

My name is Petra Kriegener, I was born in 1959 and "healthy food" is my passion.

Petra Kriegener

For decades we have concentrated on traditional herbalism and alternative healing methods. In the course of the years I developed a great enthusiasm for the ancient fermented drinks milk kefir, water kefir and kombucha.

The enjoyment  of these legendary beverages makes an important contribution to a well-balanced nutrition and therefore increases your well-being.

I find it quite fascinating to make food in a traditional manner as in earlier times. Everyone can make these drinks at home with little effort. Freshly prepared you can benefit from a source of powerful enzymes in an easy and convenient way.

With little money you can make milk kefir just from ordinary milk; you can make from pure water sparkling water kefir and from tea fruity kombucha. All this will be made possible by the great power of those little helpers - millions of microorganisms but in particular not visible to the human eye.

Regrettably those original cultures more and more fall into oblivion. Today highly sugared ready-to-serve drinks with artificial flavours and preservatives dominate the market. For industry, it is essential that the drinks are cheap and as durable as possible.

That is the reason why the industry is not interested in natural beverages like milk kefir, water kefir and kombucha. There is just too little profit. Although it is possible to buy kefir and kombucha in ordinary stores but just the high heated ones.

During heating all precious microorganisms that make the drink actual so precious get killed.

I consider it my duty to make a valuable contribution to the preservation of those traditional kefir and kombucha cultures. In this way I want to ensure that everyone and every budget can afford this delicious probiotic drinks in future.

My Vision

I want to promote the health of human in a natural and sustainable way. This not only includes nutrition but also a consciousness in dealing with food and oneself. For this reason I want enthusing people making those delicious fermented drinks at home.

In order to achieve this I do the following:

  • I exclusively offer premium quality

  • I offer highest quality at reasonable prices

  • My products are checked regularly by a certified laboratory


My values


Honesty - without exception - is the basis for all of my actions. Just like the saying: "The unpleasant truth is better than a lie." (Thomas Mann) This to me it is one thing above all others


I keep my word. Only if your partners can depend on you harmony with each other is possible.

Behaviour of mutual respect and appreciation

I admire and respect you my fellow humans because this determines our daily actions and how we deal with one another.


The basis for a healthy human is a healthy environment. Both needs to be protected und therefore I direct my efforts. With regard to the manufacturing, packaging and shipping of my cultures and accessories I pay extreme attention to environmental compatibility and conservation of resources. So if you make your beverages at home you will save much money and a lot of time. This saves you money and preserves our environment.


I am certainly open to suggestions constructive criticism and of course praise. One can say anything as long as it is made in a reasonable and respectful manner.

My best wishes

Petra Kriegener