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Help my water kefir is not growing – what can I do?

Help my water kefir is not growing – what can I do? - main picture

Dear water kefir fans,

You got yourself a high quality organic water kefir and ask yourself: Why is my kefir not growing? What can I do to make my water kefir crystals grow? In this article you will learn all you need to know for making your water kefir crystals explode.

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For making you ask yourself soon what to do with all those kefir crystals, we have these 8 easy strategies for a good growing water kefir for you.

  1. Recover time: Give your kefir some time after the first batch to get used to its new environment. This could take 1-3 batches before he starts growing.
  2. Chlorine-containing water: A lot of tap waters contain a lot of chlorine. Cook the water and let it cool down before you use it for your water kefir. A good filter for tap water can be a good solution too
  3. Minerals: Make sure your water kefir has enough minerals to grow. The optimal water quality should be hard and rich on minerals. If you have a reverse-osmose-filter, you could add some Himalaya salt for remineralisation. If your water is on a low lime level, just add some eggshells to your water kefir batch to get a positive growing effect
  4. Feeding: You should feed your water kefir with new sugar water every 1-3 days for making the milieu not too sour. This can harm your kefir grains
  5. Sugared water: Water kefir does work with juice (you can read here) and coconut water (you can read here). But in long time condition only sugared water is the right environment for the water kefir to grow. If you leave your kefir inside a foreign milieu too long it will stop growing
  6. The right ratio of ingredients: The right orientation for it is our great instruction for a perfect water kefir batch. The added sugar must be 60-90g per litre for an optimal kefir batch. Some people want to reduce the sugar which is not necessary: during fermentation the kefir uses the sugar and the sugar level gets low during fermentation time. Sugar is one of the most important ingredients for our water kefir to grow
  7. Temperature: Water kefir loves temperatures between 20-25°C. This is where the kefir crystals grow very fast.
  8. Not cold: Only if you want to store your water kefir ( how this works you can read here) you can keep the batch inside a fridge. High temperature fluctuations can harm the water kefir crystals and costs them a lot of energy. This makes them stop being productive and it can take 1-3 batches until he is back to normal activity

I wish you a lot of fun by trying those strategies and I am very excited to hear your opinions about your ideas for a good growing kefir.

I would love to see some comments about your favourite recipes with water kefir and how you liked mine.

I am looking forward to see you again for my next recipes.


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