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If you deal with fermentation, fermented tea and especially with Kombucha, you can hardly avoid the Jun Kombucha. The synonym “champagne among the Kombuchas” alone makes very curious and you just want to try it out. At least that’s how we felt. And because it tastes so good for us, we decided to create a recipe for you so that you can enjoy jun tea too.

What is jun tea?

Just like the legendary Kombucheatee, Jun Tea is a fermentation product. While self -made kombucha is made with black or green tea and sugar, green tea and honey are used in the jun tea. As with most ferments, the origin of jun tea is not clear and there are many myths about this delicious fermentation drink. It was originally originated by the Jun Tea in Himalaya. At that time it is said to have been brewed almost exclusively by holy monks. It may also be that in recent history he was just created by experimenting with Kombucha. There are many stories, but unfortunately there are no evidence. No matter whatever he came to us and who invented him. Now this wonderfully refreshing drink is with us and we are very happy about it. If you don’t want to or can not afford a sparkling wine from the champagne, then at least the champagne under the Kombuchas.










What is the difference between Kombucha and Jun Tea?

The ingredients

Kombucha is made with green or black tea and sugar. Jun tea with green tea and good honey.

The production

Basically, the duration of the fermentation depends on the garden temperature. However, while a normal Kombucha needs 5 – 14 days for fermentation, the Jun Tea culture has done it after 3 – 5 days and even needs less warmth! Maybe something for the winter 😉

The alcohol content

It is important to take care here. For many, in addition to the residual sugar, the alcohol content from the finished Kombucha is very important, for example. While the alcohol level can achieve up to 1.5% / 2% in the Kombucha, the homemade jun tea far exceeds this. The alcohol content at Jun Tea can increase up to 5%.

Not vegan

Since Jun Tea honey is used for the production of homemade, this is not vegan.


By fermentation with honey, the finished jun tea gets a wonderfully lovely taste.


Compared to the normal Kombucha, even Jun Kombucha produced is much brighter.

What do you need for the production of jun tea?

Making jun tea yourself is actually very simple.

You need the following ingredients:

  • 80g raw organic honey*
  • A 50g organic Jun Kombuchlaat including 100ml organic jun starter fluid
  • 8g green organic tea* – It is important that you use a tea without artificial aromas and essential oils.
  • 1 liter of filtered water (there are high -quality water filters here*)


We use raw honey in the recipe. There is something to consider at this point. While 100ml also 100g in water, 100ml honey corresponds to about 140g.












You need the following equipment:

  • A fermentation vessel made of plastic, glass or ceramic*
  • A cotton cloth or a little kitchen roller
  • A rubber ring*
  • A plastic sieve*
  • a spoon made of plastic*
  • a funnel made of plastic*
  • A glass or a bottle*

How to do it:

  1. First you make the tea. For a liter of tea you need 8g tea leaves. Take your filtered water and heat it to between 60 ° C – 80 ° C. On average, 70 ° C have proven themselves. Pour your green tea with the hot water and let the tea pull for a maximum of 20 minutes. Usually the drawing times with green tea are much lower. Due to the longer drawing time, even more ingredients are solved from the tea. Our jun tea culture can deal well with tea that has pulled longer.
  2. Now you put the raw honey in the tea already cooled at room temperature. For a liter of jun tea you need 80g raw honey. Please wait until the tea has reached room temperature. We use extra raw honey that was not heated. If it is now dissolved in hot tea, you heat it.
  3. Now you put your jun tea culture along with the jun tea starter fluid (at least 10% starter fluid from the entire approach) in your fermentation vessel. Sufficient approach fluid is important to enact the drink enough. This procedure counteracts unwanted microorganisms and preserves your approach from the creation of mold.
  4. Now you fill the tea sweetened with honey in your fermentation vessel, in which your jun culture and jun are already a starter fluid.
  5. In order to protect your jun tea from insects such as vinegar flies, now attach a fabric towel with a rubber band to your fermentation vessel.
  6. You now store the approach protected with a fabric towel in a cool place. The jun tea likes it a little cooler than the normal Kombucha. Here, too, the microorganisms work faster at a higher temperature than at lower. Accordingly, the fermentation time is reduced at higher temperatures.
  7. While normal Kombucha, depending on the garden temperature between 5 and 14 days, needs the jun tea finished after 3 – 5 days. After this time, it can be enjoyed directly or further upgraded or refined by the second fermentation.
  8. If you want to make jun tea again, always think about lifting something of the finished jun tea. I know that is difficult. If you want to brew 1 liter of jun tea again, raise 100ml. With 2 liters, 200ml etc. Always pick up 10%.
  9. Let it taste good!


Can I turn my normal Kombucha Scoby a jun tea culture or a Jun Kombucha?

An original jun tea Kombucha culture is fermented with honey -sweetened tea and further cultures are created much less frequently. For this reason, the question is to re -move a normal Kombucha into a jun tea Kombucha culture. You should make the move very slowly. If you have a normal Kombucha, you slowly reduce the sugar and replace it with honey. This process should be done via several approaches.

1. approach: sugar 80% / honey 20%

2. approach: sugar 50% / honey 50%

3. approach: sugar 20% / honey 50%

4. Approach: Sugar 0% / honey 100%

How is Jun Tea Kombucha made?

Similar to normal Kombucha. Instead of green or black tea and sugar, jun tea is made with green tea and honey.

I would love to see some comments about your favourite recipes with kombucha tea and how you liked mine.

I am looking forward to see you again for my next recipes.


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