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Here you can find a large selection of kefir respectively water kefir crystals with the help of which you can make your delicious probiotic water kefir beverage at home - easy and convenient!
All of our kefir grains and kombucha mushrooms are cultivated according to the following principles

Chemie - Nein Danke Chemistry - no thank you

Our water kefir cultures are grown naturally according to ancient tradition without adding any artificial additives.

Kontrollierte Qualität - Ja bitte Constantly controlled quality - yes please
Our water kefir grains are regularly checked by a microbiology laboratory. This certifies the "genuineness" and the "purity " of our cultures by microbiological analysis.

Qualitätsprodukte - direkt vom Erzeuger German quality products - directly from the manufacturer
All of our kefir cultures are cultivate with great care and attention to detail. We produce by ourselves - This is the only way we can guarantee you the highest possible quality.

Frischegarantie - Sorgfalt und Verantwortung Freshness guarantee - Care and a sense of responsibility
All of our cultures are freshly packaged  on the day of despatch - Only this method guarantees that you receive fresh products. As a matter of course our packaging of the cultures is made from bisphenol A-free.

Erfolgsgarantie aus Überzeugung Guarantee of success by persuasion
We are very convinced of the quality and performance of our products. For this reason we offer a guarantee of success - if it's not working properly we will provide fast and free substitute.
  Nachhaltiges Infoportal statt reiner VerkaufsshowSustainable information portal instead of pure sales show
Our goal is not just to make the sale and afterwards leave you alone with the cultivation and care. We see ourselves - in cooperation with our information plattform www.gesundheitsgeber.de - as a competent partner helping you to answer all of your questions concerning milk kefir, water kefir, ginger root beer and kombucha. For this reason we offer all information necessary for successfully make your own fermented probiotic drink at home - FOR FREE! For you, this means: sustainable customer satisfaction instead of a fast buck.

We have listed below a small section of the most relevant information. Further information can be found on our website www.gesundheitsgeber.de

Informationen rund um Milchkefir Water kefir information
Here you will find general information round off the fascinating topic water kefir.

Informationen rund um die einfache Herstellung von Milchkefir Water kefir - instructions
Our complete instructions for the manufacturing of the delicious kefir beverage - as video, as web page and also available to print you will get here...

Instructions as video: Make your own water kefir at home

Starter Komplett Sets für die einfache Herstellung von Milchrkefir Water kefir starter kit
You want to start making your own probiotic power drink at home - then our practical Water kefir Starter-kit is the best choice.

Antworten auf häufige Fragen rund um Milchkefir und seine Wirkung und die Herstellung Water kefir - troubleshooting FAQ
A collection point of the  (FAQ)Please find the specific answers here

All about Kefir and Kombucha @ Youtube

Valuable Tipps and frequently asked questions around the cultures kombucha and kefir you will find on our youtube channel.
Worthful tips and tricks on our Youtube channel - all around Kombucha and Kefir and Milk kefir and Ginger root beer
Visit us on Youtube - just click here and learn more

Free !!! The popular 67-page fermentation book with instructions, recipes, FAQ [German version]
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Water test | Water analysis set BASIS - The affordable water quality check
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1 practical kitchen sieve | colour: blue or white
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