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Selfmade Ginger Root Kefir Drink – an easy instruction

Selfmade Ginger Root Kefir Drink – an easy instruction - kefir heart

Dear kefir fans,

Everyone who loves water kefir should have a look at this easy instruction. Those special water kefir crystals are well known in America and England. The taste is very special, and an exciting taste experience is waiting for any kefir fan.

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What is ginger root drink or beer?

You don’t need any other ingredients, only special bred water kefir crystals, ginger and molasses for the fermentation. Those special bred water kefir crystals grew several years into molasses and ingwer and got used to that mixture. Molasses is very good because of its vital ingredients normal cane sugar does not have anymore. This makes thar water kefir drink something very special in combination with fresh ginger.

What does ginger root kefir taste like?

All ginger ale lovers will be amazed by this kefir drink. As well as water kefir, this drink is super fizzy. You can decide how sweet or sour your ginger root drink is going to be by letting it ferment short or long. The longer you let it ferment the more sour it gets.  The taste is fresh and fizzy with a light touch of ginger. As well as water kefir you can combine your ginger root drink with several dishes and create awesome recipes with it.

Does ginger root kefir contain alcohol?

As well as water kefir, ginger root kefir contains a low level of alcohol. All in all, you can say: the longer you let you ginger root kefir ferment, the more alcohol the drink gets. It varies between 0,1% and if you let it ferment for a very long time up to 2,5% of alcohol. But don’t panic: if you compare those numbers with other products in our everyday life, you will find out that ginger root kefir does not contain as much alcohol as you thought it would have. For example, apple juice has an alcohol content up to 0,38%, grape juice up to 1% and vinegar up to 1,5%.

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Are you ready for ther recipe? Here it comes:


  1. Fill the vessel with the desired volume of water, add about 60g sugar and 15g molasses per litre and stir it until everything is completely dissolved.
    Fill 1 litre of tap water, non carbonated water or aerated water into a clean vessel of glass, pottery or plastic. Make sure to use lukewarme water.
  2. Now dissolve 60g of sugar and 15g molasses in it.
  3. Add the ginger root culture (30g or 2-3 Tablespoons) without the ginger root drink. Add the original www.natural-kefir-drinks.de ginger root crystals to the sugar solution, but without the ginger root drink.
  4. Cut the fresh ginger root into thin slices. Alternatively you can also use ginger powder, candied ginger or dried ginger. The dried fruits supply the – for the root beer production necessary nitrogen and as a pleasant side effect they give an individual flavour note.
  5. Now cover the vessel with the wrapping film and the elastic band – the formed carbonic acid must be able to escape(!). The fermentation vessel should be covered, however, the formed carbonic acid must be able to escape. In the case of glasses with screw cap the cover may only be screwed slightly. If you use a glass without screw cap you can fix a wrapping film with an elastic band. Through this approach you can reduce the risk, that the ginger root culture is attacked by undesired pathogens.
  6. Store it to at a place on room temperature. Now store the fermentation vessel at a place at room temperature (about 22°C / 72°F). However, immediately after you have finished preparing the fermentation vessel and it reached room temperature the water ginger root beer production will start. Because of the the formed carbonic acid the crystals start ascending softly and descend again. If you place it in the sun the root beer production will keep at fullspeed.
  7. After 1 – 3 days the fermentation process has completed and you can fill it into another glass or into bottles. Remove the dried fruits, the ginger and the slices of lemon. After  just 1 – 3 days of fermentation the ginger beer is ready to serve
  8. Rinse the ginger root crystals thoroughly with cold to lukewarm water. Now you have separated the crystals from the ginger root beer beverage. After that you should rinse the crystals thoroughly with cold to lukewarm water. We recommend to do this procedure after every fermentation process. You will notice that the quantity of crystals will rise. Redundant crystals can be disposed, composted or given as a present to good friends
  9. Clean the fermentation vessel thoroughly with washing up liquid and subsequently rinse it with hot clear water. Now you can start again from step one. After the drink is kept under cool conditions and the crystals are cleaned thoroughly you can clean the fermentation vessel and the other equipment. Ensure that all utensils which have been cleaned with the help of washing up liquid or the dishwasher, have been rinsed with clear water, because the chemical residues can harm the ginger root beer crystals
  10. Now you can start again with step one.

Enjoy your ginger root kefir!

I wish you a lot of fun by making this recipe and I am very excited to hear your opinions about your selfmade ginger root kefir. I would love to see some comments about your favourite recipes with kefir and how you liked mine.
I am looking forward to see you again for my next recipes.


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