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    Milk Kefir

    Spicy Avocado Kefir soup

    Kefir Avocado Soup

    And before you can turn around the year had passed and the cool season controls our lives. The days are getting shorter and the sun shines rarely. That leaves its traces in our body and mind. You may noticed that already by passing the one or other person with a droping nose.

    So we have to take an action!

    Exactly that was in my mind and went to the kitchen to develop a great recipe. In any case it should be fresh and healthy. Like an alternative to all those cookies I’ve enjoyed the past few days. As I opened my fridge, immediately some Tomatoes, two Avocados and of course my homemade milkkefir made from real active kefirgrains smiled at me. Then I had the idea to make a cold Avocado kefir soup.

    Kefir Avocado Suppe

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