Milk Kefir

Spicy Avocado Kefir soup

Kefir Avocado Soup

And before you can turn around the year had passed and the cool season controls our lives. The days are getting shorter and the sun shines rarely. That leaves its traces in our body and mind. You may noticed that already by passing the one or other person with a droping nose.

So we have to take an action!

Exactly that was in my mind and went to the kitchen to develop a great recipe. In any case it should be fresh and healthy. Like an alternative to all those cookies I’ve enjoyed the past few days. As I opened my fridge, immediately some Tomatoes, two Avocados and of course my homemade milkkefir made from real active kefirgrains smiled at me. Then I had the idea to make a cold Avocado kefir soup.

Kefir Avocado Suppe

Perhaps one or another is wondering why I choosed, during this cold and wet season, of all things a cold soup!? Particularly because the soup should be fresh and healthy it is very important avoid heating the kefir (not more than 40°C). Otherwise the lactic acid bacteria – contained in the kefir drink – and make the yoghurt so precious would die and that would be a great pity, isn’t it? Naturally it is up to you to heat the soup. I recommend to enjoy it cool.

You require the following to make the kefir soup:

Kefir Avocado Suppe Zutaten

  • 1 pack cress

Perhaps from your own sprout garden? I use this sprout* garden.

  • 2 Avocados
  • 4 Tomatoes

If you have all necessary ingredients, we can start. How to do it:

  1. Cut the cress with a scissor.

Firstly cut some cress with a scissor. I love the slight piquancy of cress. With a sprout garden you can grow your own cress in your kitchen. So you can always harvest fresh cress:-)

  1. Halve the Avocados, remove the core and add the pulp with a spoon to the cress.

I love eating Avocado on my bread seasoned with pepper, salt and lemon juice:-) In our movie you can see how to remove the core of an Avocado fruit in a professional way. You can also grow your own Avocado plant with this core. In this case you should avoid hacking the core with a knife. Maybe I show you in one of the next articles some pictures of my home-grown Avocado plant:-)

  1. Add kefir

Since decades milk kefir belongs to my daily routines. Every morning I add fresh or dried fruits  and home-made kefir to my musli. If you have the same routine, you are certainly thankful for this recipe and the associated diversity:-) By the way, a nice diversion from organic kefir is home-made natural yoghurt. Please click here and discover our range of different yoghurt variations.

  1. Mix all ingredients.

Depending on the consistency you like you can mix it longer or shorter. I love it, to mix it in a way that some Avocado pieces remain in the soup.

  1. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes
  2. Mix it all
  3. Season it with lemon, salt, pepper Worcestershiresauce und Tabasco

Now your individual taste is asked for. I like it spicy. This certainly has to do with my time as exchange worker in Hungary.

Spicy Avocado Kefir soup

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Serves: 1 Cooking Time: 15 min


  • 1 pack cress
  • 500ml organic milk kefir made from real active kefir grains
  • 2 Avocados
  • 4 Tomatoes
  • Lemon
  • Worcestershiresauce
  • Tabasco



Cut the cress with a scissor.


Halve the Avocados, remove the core and add the pulp with a spoon to the cress.


Add kefir


Mix all ingredients.


Cut the tomatoes into small cubes


Mix it all.


Season it with lemon, salt, pepper Worcestershiresauce und Tabasco

Have a lot of fun and success with cooking this recipe. I’m looking forward to your opinion, your ideas and suggestions for improvement.


My tip for you:

In my opinion the avocado kefir soup is a tasty, light main course and goes well with bread or rolls. Of course it is also possible to serve it in a small bowl as starter.

Please click here and watch the recipe as movie on my youtube channel…


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