What do I need to make my own selfmade kombucha?

What do I need to make my own selfmade kombucha? - starter kit

You want to make your first, selfmade kombucha but you don’t know what kind of equipment you need? In this article you will learn all you need to know with a lot of tips and tricks.

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Making kombucha is very easy and you can read all you need to know in our article: selfmade kombucha. You don’t need a lot of things to prepare a delicious kombucha drink . The most important things are a fermentation vessel with a cover and the ingredients. The rest is something you can do but don’t have to.

Fermentation vessel – which material is suitable?

  • Glass: This is what we recomand for your kombucha scoby. This material is not reacting with the kombucha batch, it lets in light and is able to be out under pressure. Moreover, it is easily washable, and you can use a dishwasher to clean it. The volume of the glass depends on the size of the scoby. It is between 500 and 3000 ml. A big selection of fermentation vessels you find in our shop*
  • Ceramics: As long as the material is not coated with varnish or metals and are declared suitable for foods, you can use ceramic vessels
  • Porcelain: As well as ceramics you should obey that the material has no coat with other materials that could harm the kombucha. Without toxic coats you can use porcelain as well

Fermentation vessel – which material is not suitable?

  • Plastic: As long as the plastic is not high quality like in wine production, we do not recommend it. It easily gets scratches and is not able to be out under pressure and splitters. Moreover, plastic contains softener which harms your kombucha cultures
  • Crystal vases: Most of them do have coats with metals and are no option for your kombucha batch
  • Metal: Kombucha and kefir cultures do not like metal. It lowers the growth activity and can harm your kombucha cultures

How big should the kombucha vessel be?

The size depends on how much kombucha you can drink in 7-14 days. The volume has no limit. You only need a scoby that is big enough and has enough starter liquid. The amount of kombucha drink you drink should be the size of the vessel plus some space for the scoby.

The bigger the surface, the more circulation happens inside the vessel. But if the surface is too big, your kombucha might get vinegar too fast. Try different sizes with your kombucha scoby to create the kombucha taste you like best.

Cover for your kombucha batch

  • We recommend a tightly woven cotton cloth, or a coffee filter fixed with a rubber band on top of the fermentation vessel. A high-quality cotton cloth you can easily buy in our shop

Covers you should NOT use for your kombucha batch

  • Avoid too lose covers to protect your kombucha batch from insects
  • Do not use screw caps and plastic sheet because your kombucha needs oxygen to breathe

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Optional Equipment

  • Reusable teabags and tea balls: Those are perfect for using loose tea for your kombucha batch
  • Plastic sieves: To filter your kombucha when your kombucha drink is ready, you can use this sieve to filter yeasts that build up in brown stalks inside your kombucha drink
  • Funnel: If you want to fill up your kombucha into bottles, a funnel makes this way easier
  • Glass bottles with swing top: Perfect to store your kombucha or make a second fermentation – all you need to know about second fermentation you can read here*
  • Thermometer: To make sure your kombucha has the perfect room temperature with about 22°c a high quality thermometer is the best way to ckeck the temperature regular

The whole equipment you need to make your kombucha drink you can find in a high quality in our shop*. Just open it and start your first batch! Our kombucha starter kit contains:

  •  1 fermentation tank with a capacity of 2.65 litre
  • 3 glass bottles with a capacity of each 0.75 litre
  • elastic band
  • 1 matching lid for the fermentation tank
  • 1 special plastic sieve (dishwasher-safe)
  • 1 special plastic funnel (dishwasher-safe)
  • 1 plastic spoon (dishwasher-safe)
  • 1 high quality cotton cloth
  • 75g black tea from certified organic argiculture DE-ÖKO-012 EU/ non-EU Agriculture.
  • 75g green tea from certified organic argiculture DE-ÖKO-012 EU/ non-EU Agriculture.
  • 500g raw cane sugar from certified organic argiculture DE-ÖKO-012 EU/ non-EU Agriculture. (Average Nutritional Value of raw cane sugar
  • 1 detailed guidance to make kombucha tea
  • 1 detailed instruction

I would love to see some comments about your favourite recipes with kombucha tea and how you liked mine.

I am looking forward to see you again for my next recipes.


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    Petra Hidien
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    Kann man Kombuchatee und Reed Ginger zusammen zu sich nehmen?

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      Sunday November 17th, 2019 at 05:43 PM

      Liebe Petra,

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      Ja, grundsätzlich kann man Kombuchatee und Ginger Root Kefir zusammen zu sich nehmen. Bitte achten Sie auf Ihren Körper und beginnen Sie ggf. mit kleineren Mengen.

      Herzliche Grüße

      Petra & Stephan

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