6 strategies for more fizz inside your kombucha drink

6 strategies for more fizz inside your kombucha drink - fizzy kombucha

Dear kombucha fans,

All of you who already make kombucha or planning to make their first kombucha batch have asked themselves at least once: Why is my kombucha not fizzy? How do I get my kombucha fizzy? A lot of tips and answers you’ll get in this article.

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Before I start, I would like to tell you something about how the fizz gets into your kombucha:

As you already know from our article: selfmade kombucha* kombucha is a symbiosis of bacteria and yeasts.The yeast turns the sugar inside your kombucha batch into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Yes kombucha needs oxygen to ferment and releases carbon dioxide. Those bacteria inside the scoby drink need the oxygen and the yeast do work without it very well. The sugar level drops during fermentation and the yeast do not have enough food to work. Therefore, the ready kombucha drink has a low level of carbon dioxide in the end.

Now, we come to the question:

How do I get my ready prepared kombucha fizzy?

1. Strategy: second fermentation

As you already know from our article: second fermentation with kombucha* this process starts with filling your kombucha into bottles. Those must be closed tightly. Now, the aerobic cultures like bacteria are not able to work anymore but the anaerobic cultures like the yeasts can use the rest sugar of the kombucha to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol. Through the tightly closed bottle, the CO2 is not able to escape and the level inside the kombucha drink is rising. This makes a lot of pressure. This is why it is important to open the bottle at least once a day to make sure the gas is able to escape. Or you can use our special fermentation glasses with airlock in best quality you can easily buy here*It is important that there is enough sugar left inside your kombucha batch you use for second fermentation

2. Strategy: More sugar for the yeasts inside your kombucha:

If your kombucha is filled up into bottles, you can add 1-2 tbsp extra sugar to help the yeast produce more carbon dioxide.

3. Strategy: The right time to fill your Kombucha into bottles

Fill your kombucha into bottles as long as it is still sweet. Only than you can be sure there is enough sugar left for a lot of fizz in second fermentation.

4. Strategy: Sweet fruits for your kombuchaSparkling kombucha punch with melon, berries and pineapple - a burner for every party - the orange

Fruits are not only super tasty inside your kombucha, they even bring a big portion of extra sugar. This is a great way to add more sugar to your kombucha on a natural way for more fizz. The best fruits for a fizzy kombucha are:

– citrus fruits

– ginger – a tasty ginger recipe waits here for you*

dehydrated fruits*

Dehydrated fruits are the most efficient when it comes to extra sugar. Through dehydration progress those dried fruits contain a high sugar level

5. Strategy: Time of brewing during second fermentation

If your bottle is closed, it can be stored for a long time. The longer you let it ferment, the fizzier your kombucha drink gets as long as it has enough sugar. It is important to make sure, that the pressure is able to escape. Open the lit daily or use our high-quality fermentation glasses with air lock*. If you store your bottles inside the fridge, the activity of your yeasts inside the kombucha gets low, but your kombucha gets more flavour and loses less carbon dioxide.

6. Strategy: More yeasts inside your kombucha drink

Now we know that yeast is responsible for the fizz inside your scoby drink. This is why of course more yeasts bring more fizz. How this works is very easy: You only do not rinse our scoby as you normally do after a batch.  The dark, brown streaks inside your drink and on top of your scoby are the yeasts you need for the fizz. But do not repeat this process too often. Otherwise the health of your kombucha scoby might be harmed because this influences the natural balance between yeasts and bacteria.

We wish you a lot of fun with your kombucha scoby and good luck with the fizz in your kombucha drinkGet your kombucha recipe ebook here*

I would love to see some comments about your favourite recipes with kombucha tea and how you liked mine.

I am looking forward to see you again for my next recipes.


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