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    Milk Kefir

    Ingwer Kefir Drink – A bit of Kefir, fruity but still christmassy

    Ingwer Kefir Drink in a Glas - this recipe is an easy kefir ingwer drink recipe - make this fruity Ingwer Kefir drink easy at home. Brewing Kefir can´t be more simple.

    After lighting the 4. light at the weekend now Christmas is just around the corner. Even though for the right Christmas spirit the appropriate weather is still missing. But I’m still hoping for the appropriate weather – white Christmas – till the last day. So my “Snow-Order” is already placed.

    I don’t know about all of you!? For my part I love it when it’s really cold outside. Especially when the snow crunches under my shoes. After a long walk with friends and family – chilled – and then enter a nice warm house – light the candles! and enjoying coffee and cookies! With this thoughts in my mind I develop a great appetite!

    Considering all those sweet goodies I have consumed the past days, I had to make some healthy stuff. Something with kefir, fruity but also Christmas.

    After checking what is going on in my pantry I started with this…

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